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janyjohnson 12th Jul 2016

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Recently I read in one of the support groups, patient question that gave me the idea to write this article.

He asked for advice on how to cope with people who persistently rude, unceremoniously and Blame "says" in his spots. This topic I immediately went back a couple of years ago when the vitiligo was already caught 70% of my body.

I believe that there is no vitiligo who was not in this situation. Such situations, when people study your spots and make detestable expression is uncertainty and cause certain bad feeling in us.

Vitiliganci have a double job: the first should accept his vitiligo, and then to deal with those people who have a problem to accept that our skin color is different.

One day you wake up and you think you have won. Finally you feel normal in my own skin, your flakes you do not look at all bad, and then on the street you meet a person, who at a glance in your patches, go through all that uncertainty with which for years trying to deal. It seems like a futile job, is not it?

I myself have been in this situation. To me wondering, I was not able to decide whether I was more shaken I vitiligo or reactions of people to the same. That's why I wear long clothing, avoiding to do daily promotions that we have during the study were the only source of income and other life situations. Even then I realized that accepting yourself, the daily struggle with which only I can and I can handle, if you want to be and stay normal. Let's be honest, a couple of nice words of your loved ones can not you poured so much confidence as you can on your own.

Why do people "say"? There are 100 answers to this question. Some can you complain because you knew it vitiligo, another for the first time faced with vitiligancima, third is just gross to see white spots on your skin, the fourth intrigued by the phenomenon of white stains ... and it's all right. There is no room for panic and the other tips of   Vitilgo Miracle in the site.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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